Exploring playgrounds in and around Howard County, MD

Howard County, Maryland, offers some pretty amazing playgrounds for kids, but the options can feel overwhelming for a parent, especially for those who are new to the area. Over the past two years, I have come across some great lists of local playground options, such as this one on CAMOMS, but they are sometimes lacking the information I need as a parent. Nobody wants to drive 30 minutes to discover a paved playground baking in the sun, completely overrun by older children, in the middle of a very busy downtown, dirty, unsafe, or with inadequate equipment.

So here, my aim is to link all the best local playground options with complete reviews for each playground so that parents can find a playground that meets their needs and know what to expect when they arrive.

Standard Playgrounds

These are playgrounds that have swings and play equipment for children of all ages.

  • Lake Elkhorn in Columbia, MD
  • Blandair Park in Columbia, MD
  • Holiday Hills Park in Columbia, MD
  • Rockburn Park Playground in Elkridge, MD (15 minute drive from Columbia)
  • Wheaton Regional Park Adventure Playground in Silver Spring, MD (29 minutes)
  • Cabin John Regional Park in Bathesda, MD (33 minutes)
  • Angel Park in Perry Hall, MD (40 minutes)
  • Annie’s Playground in Fallston, MD (58 minutes)

Imagination Playgrounds

There are 25 imagination playgrounds throughout Prince George’s County. You can learn more about all 25 themed playgrounds here. The playgrounds I will list below are the ones I know to be worth the drive. There are others that I have visited and just can’t recommend (which I’ve talked about on my Facebook page).

  • Historic Flour Mill Playground in Adelphi, MD (28 minutes from Columbia)
  • Indian Creek Playground in Berwyn Heights, MD (29 minutes)
  • Woodland Wonderland Playground in District Heights, MD (39 minutes)
  • Wizard of Oz Playground in Watkins Park, Kettering, MD (44 minutes)

Natural Playgrounds

These playgrounds incorporate elements of nature in their play structures and encourage children’s natural creativity and exploration.

Please excuse the ongoing construction as I work to write or find comprehensive reviews for each location.

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