Constitution Gardens Park in Gaithersburg, MD

112 Brookes Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20877


  • large fenced-in sandbox play area
  • play houses in the sandbox offer some shade
  • large and small slides

Helpful tips:

  • free street parking
  • paved paths from the street to the play area


Constitution Gardens Park stands in place of where the old Gaithersburg library used to be prior to a fire in 1981. The playground structures reflect the history of the logging town as the play houses, fence, steps, and even animals are constructed entirely of logs. The gardens that surround the small playground area offer information about the bug hotel, flower beds, and water management efforts.

About the playground

Constitution Gardens is a natural playground located about 30 minutes from Columbia. You’ll come to the intersection of Brookes Ave and Park Ave and know that you ave arrived. The park itself is nestled in the corner of these two roads, behind the park station. There is free parking along the street and paved walkways that lead up a short path through the garden and to the playground.

The biggest feature of this park is a large sandbox with water pump that pours into the sand. This area is entirely fenced in, which is great for the little ones, but mind you, most will be able to navigate the short gate fairly easily. Many of the older children (ages 3-4), spent a significant amount of time just working the pump, while many of the younger children found it still too difficult.


In addition to the sandbox, the park has several slides built into the embankment, large slides located outside the fenced area, and small slides within.  Many children enjoyed pretending to ride the log animals and playing house in the shade of the small structures. Though some children may be disappointed by the absence of traditional swings at this location, I found the hanging benches throughout the garden a more relaxing option for my son and I to enjoy a ride together.

In sum, if your child is happy spending hours in the sandbox then grab your sand toys because this just might be the perfect park for you!

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