Is social media bringing you down?

I rolled over in bed and immediately picked up my phone to sort through the day’s news while giving my brain a moment to wake up. When I picked up my phone, I felt optimistic about the day, about humanity, about this life we are living. As I scrolled, I felt that shift. I began to worry about the state of our earth. I started to feel frustrated by our politics. I could feel the stress of parenting weighing on me. The diapers, the food battles, the messy house… and I hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet.

I put down my phone and let the negativity preoccupy my thoughts. That’s when it hit me. Am I sabotaging myself?

I have tried to live by the saying that life is what you make it. Only today did it occur to me that my social media feed is exactly what I have made it. I have followed, liked, and commented on pages and posts about these frustrations in life. I have either gravitated to or actively sought negativity and here it is, showing up day after day, pulling my focus and thoughts away from all that is right.



These are not my intentions. I do not want to choose a negative mind set. I want to improve our planet, not continuously mourn it’s loss. I want to build up the politicians who share my common interests, rather than attack the people whose goals I do not share. And most importantly, I want to bask in my son’s laughter rather than wish away his childhood.

I realized that I need to make a change if my intention is to greet the world with a happy heart each day. I must unfollow the pages that do not align with my intentions. I must tell social media that I no longer wish to see negativity, anger, fear, and criticism in my newsfeed. I realize now that I need to make a conscious effort to seek out opportunities that will support my goals in a positive way.


Moving forward, I will choose to use my news feed as an opportunity to fill my soul with all things good rather than allowing it to be a black hole that drains my time and energy, and impairs my outlook on life.


If you have found a page or resource that you feel has been a positive inspiration for you, please share it in the comments below!


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