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Navigating a new area is never easy, but navigating a new area with a small child can be downright exhausting. You have to figure out where to go for their 852 doctors appointments, dental exams, and hair cuts. Of course, you will need all these same services for yourself, but lets face it, as parents we tend to put ourselves last. Sometimes we spend so much energy trying to find “the perfect” doctor for our child that we forget to find one for ourselves, until it can’t wait. This blog post will be the first of a three part series full of parent recommendations for where to go to meet the needs of your child in Howard County, Maryland (HoCo).

After moving to HoCo, I spent months sorting through recommendations from parents I met as well as recommendations posted by parents on Howard County Mom Hub, Columbia MD Moms Group, and Howard County Moms Talk About It and comparing these to Best of Howard 2014 and Best of Howard County 2015. I tend to be pretty thorough and follow the “measure twice, cut once” rule in all areas of life. So if you are nothing like me, then please enjoy my slightly neurotic insights that will hopefully save you valuable time and energy. If you are like me, then you will probably continue on to do your own research anyway, and in that case, I hope I at least gave you some leads that will send you down a good path.

Please know that there are many other resources here in HoCo, some of which are just waiting to be discovered as the next best thing. If you do not see your favorite on here, it does not mean that it is not completely awesome – I just haven’t heard people raving about it… yet.

A Pediatrician: I saw this request made time and again and it was certainly my first concern when we moved to the area.

  • 30+ moms recommended Klebanow & Associates in Columbia, MD, stating they have weekend hours, an on call doctor 24/7 and 364 days of the year, and you are able to speak with your doctor on the phone when concerns arise. Parents described the doctors as kind and reported them to have good report with the children.
    • Voted Best of Howard County 2015 and 2014 
  • Twelve moms recommended Howard County Pediatrics. One mom described Dr. Lee as very personable. Others recommended Dr. Peggy Martin, Dr. McKay, or Dr. Mailander.
    • Best of Howard County honorable mention 2015
  • Twelve moms recommended Dr. Zaneb Beams, a family doctor, in Columbia, MD. One mom explained that Dr. Beams comes from a family of physicians; her mother is a pediatrician. [She is] very knowledgeable and extraordinarily accessible. One of the comments was from a mom who said they switched from one of the larger practices and it was the best decision they could have made -she described Dr. Beams as “wonderful and caring.” Another mom expressed satisfaction with the nurse stating she has a “gentle touch” when giving vaccines. It was also pointed out that Dr. Tessie Aikara in this office sees adults as well. I did come across one negative response from a mom who said she did not agree with Dr. Beams’ “political agenda” and got a bad vibe there.
  • Eight moms recommended Columbia Medical Practice Pediatrics (four Dr. Kari in particular). One mom commented that the doctors are good and the wait time is never long.
  • Eight parents recommended The Pediatric Center in Columbia, MD. Two expressed preference for Dr. Saini.
    • Best of Howard County honorable mention 2015 and 2014
  • Five parents suggested Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, Dr. Michael Lasser or Dr. Naseem Dawood.
  • Three moms recommended Catonsville Pediatrics in Catonsville, MD.
  • Four moms recommended Dr. Aruna V. Khurana in Columbia, MD. One mom explained that Dr. Khurana is the only doctor and does not have nurses so she gets to know the children very well.
  • Four moms recommended Dr. Paul Ambush who has a private practice in Ellicott City, MD. One mom described him as gentle and good with the kids.
  • Three parents recommended Dr. Duniya Rebecca Lancaster at Lancaster Pediatrics in Ellicott City, MD.
  • One parent suggested Dr. Jennifer Landsman at Ellicott City Pediatric Associates.
    • Best of Howard County honorable mention 2015 and 2014
  • 25+ parents recommend Kindermender as an urgent care when your child’s PCP is unavailable!
    • Best of Howard County honorable mention 2015 and 2014

A Pediatric Dentist: the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the first visit occur around age one, but some parents choose to wait as late as age three.

  • Twenty+ parents recommend Shiny Chompers in Ellicott City, MD. One mom reported that her three sons don’t mind going to the dentist as they have televisions at the seats, iPads on the wall for kids who are waiting, and they get a little prize after their appointment.
  • Six parents recommended Kids Super Smile in Columbia, MD. There was one negative response by a parent who expressed dissatisfaction with the dentist their child saw at this practice.
  • Three parents recommended the Pediatric Dentistry of Columbia.
  • Three parents recommended Smiles4Children in Ellicott City, MD.

An Orthodontist:

  • Two parents recommended Dr. Choti Jahnigen, D.D.S. of Smiles4Children in Ellicott City, MD, for orthodontic needs.
  • Two parents suggested Dr. David Bonebreak of Flagship Orthodontics in Hanover, MD.
  • One mom recommended Dr. Sandra Selnick at OX Smiles located in Ellicott City and Clarksville, MD.
    • Best of Howard County honorable mention 2015

A Child’s Hair Cut: there really was no clear cut answer here, but some great ideas none the less.

  • Many parents recommended Floydds 99 located in Columbia and Ellicott City, MD.
  • Other parents recommended Sport Clips for boys in Columbia, MD or Elkridge, MD.
  • Four parents recommended the Hair Cuttery in Maple Lawn, Columbia, MD, and one recommended the one in the Chatham Mall in Ellicott City, MD.
  • Two parents suggested Mr. Diggs or Rob at Robs Barber Shop in Ellicott City, MD.
  • Okay so Cartoon Cuts is last because numerous parents recommended Cartoon Cuts in the mall (one specifically mentioned Amanda) while others expressed dissatisfaction with Cartoon Cuts and were specifically searching for something different.

A Pediatric Eye Doctor:

  • Seven parents recommended Dr Dankner and Fiergang practicing out of Pediatric Eye Care of Maryland in Clarksville, MD.
  • Two parents recommended Dr. Patrick Tong in Columbia, MD.
  • Two parents suggested Dr. Dean Glaros in Columbia, MD.
  • One parent recommended the Wilmer Clinic in Columbia, MD.
    • Voted best of Howard County 2015 and 2014

Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor (ENT):

A Speech Pathologist: Howard County offers a free infants and toddlers home visiting program for children under the age of three who are in need of services. Once a child turns three, s/he can qualify to receive services through the local school.

  • One parent recommended Margaret Hargrove of A Sound Beginning for private speech services.

To Have Blood Drawn: I will never forget watching my son have his first blood draw at just a day old. He was so tiny and helpless. I honestly feel like it hurts me more than it hurts him. That is why it is so important to choose a facility you can trust when your child needs blood drawn.

  • Seven moms reported having good experiences with LabCorp. Three moms swear by the LabCorp on Knolls Road and described the staff as patient and kind. Two recommended LabCorp on Teague Road specifically. One mom recommended the one in the Dorsey Medical building (9501 Old Annapolis Rd).
  • Three moms highly recommended Howard County General Hospital.
  • Four moms recommended Quest and one mom discouraged Quest. One mom specifically suggested using the Quest on Chevrolet Drive in Ellicott City, MD.

An Allergist: I’m hoping my son will not need this, but the way my husband and I keep Claritin D in business, I have a feeling he will!

  • Eight parents recommended Allergy and Asthma Center of Central Maryland located in Columbia, MD. Three expressed satisfaction with Dr. Monika Korff. Two parents suggested Dr. Neumann. Two parents expressed a good experience with Dr. Goldman. Another recommended Dr. Zheutlin.
  • One parent recommended Dr Akan of Entaa Care in Columbia, MD.

Now that we’ve got the kids covered, part two of Howard County Parents Tell You Where To Go will provide information related to caring for yourself (referrals for an OBGYN, an adult primary care doctor, an adult or family dentist, a family photographer, and real estate agents).

If you found this post helpful, please feel free to bookmark the page for later reference and also follow my blog and/or like MommyLoCo on Facebook so you will be the first to know when future articles are published!

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2 thoughts on “Howard County Parents Tell You Where To Go!

  1. Melanie Jeffers says:


    My name is Melanie Jeffers. I’m the Event Coordinator at Historic Oakland in Columbia, MD. I writing to inform you we are having a weekly baby sign language course titled “Little Hands Sign” starting Tuesday 2/7/2017 through 3/14/2017. The course will be held 10AM – 11AM and is for parents and children ages newborn to 5 years.

    Below I’m including a description of the course.

    I’m just spreading the word to local moms and I’m looking for networks to help so if you could please let your group know it would me much appreciated. Please email me or call me if you have any questions or thoughts.

    Thank you and Happy New Year.

    Melanie Jeffers
    Event Coordinator
    Historic Oakland
    5430 Vantage Point Road
    Columbia, MD 21044

    Little Hands Signing brings the magic of sign language to you and your child through age-appropriate stories, songs, activities, and games, along with tips and tricks for caregivers on using signs in everyday activities. Each theme-based class will introduce and reinforce signs from a young child’s world. Because our classes use American Sign Language, you and your child can learn another language together, with benefits to last a lifetime. Best of all, it’s so much fun, you won’t even realize you’re learning!

    Presenter Kathy MacMillan is a nationally certified American Sign Language interpreter and a certified member of the Sign2Me® Presenters’ Network. She is the author of Little Hands and Big Hands: Children and Adults Signing Together (Huron Street Press, 2013) and can be found online at


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